Technological Support

Help you with your Request for Proposal (RFP) / Request for Tender (RFT) or managing your technology projects.

Tender for technological project

As a public organization, you must make a tender for a technological project (eg: Creating or updating a website, developing custom software, buying a software solution , etc.).

Seika Logiciel solution

Nous vous accompagnons dans toute votre démarche :

  • We support you throughout your approach
  • Writing specifications
  • Specify your requirements in the bidding to avoid ambiguity
  • Assist you in drafting an evaluation grid of respondents
  • Look for potential respondents according to your criteria
  • Train you to the technological challenges of the project, so you can make informed decisions
  • Project management

Our team consists of various experts who may be involved depending on the type of project you want to lead.